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  1. 本规定适用于Arcript官方群的群规以及官方Discord Server的Server规定,最终解释权均归Misaka Castle Group(Arcript的开发团队)所有。
  2. 禁止一切违反法律法规的信息,违者直接踢出群/Server。泄露公民个人信息等行为也在限制范围内。
  3. 禁止一切形式的广告Bot。如果您的账号被盗,则会持续禁言直到您已处理完毕盗号相关事项。发现是故意所为直接踢出群/Server。本条主要针对的是广告机之类,如果是安利(推荐)视觉小说类游戏、基于Arcript开发或者为Arcript开发的工具等不在限制范围内。
  4. 禁止一切形式的引战或人身攻击(阴阳怪气(yygq)也包括在内),否则将按照10min->1h->7d->15d->30d->踢出的顺序递进禁言;如果行为特别严重,则将顺序简化为7d->15d->踢出。如果你觉得你即将发出的消息是为了讽刺对方而不是为了解决问题,那就不要点击发送。包括但不限于龙图和主播女孩表情包也在限制范围内。
  5. 本群/Server主要讨论范围为Arcript相关、视觉小说游戏相关以及极少量的Arcaea原游戏相关话题。不在上述范围内的视为无关内容。若屡次以无关内容打断群/Server内正在进行的有关内容讨论会被警告。若群/Server内正在进行无关内容话题讨论,我们鼓励各位以有关内容打断,但请注意不要引战(否则按照第3条处理)。
  6. 本群/Server所有成员均处于平等地位,仅有的区别在于是否为管理组成员(QQ群: 群主或管理员/Discord Server: 腐竹和Moderator)。禁止因为现实生活中或网络上的事件在群/Server内进行明显的歧视行为。若在群/Server内进行相关的“地图炮”歧视行为且造成了恶劣影响,将按照7d→15d->30d->踢出的顺序递进禁言处理。
  7. 若群/Server内出现了潜在的纠纷可能性,请尽量寻求管理组成员的帮助。若出现任何形式的骂战等情况,不管对错如何,双方都将禁言3d。
  8. 若部分视觉小说(包括Galgame)游戏的汉化组默许或允许,可按照第4条在群/Server内分享相关游戏的截图等。但若原汉化组已明令禁止该行为,请勿这样做。否则将直接禁言1d。
  9. 我们不鼓励针对游戏进行的拆包等行为。如果拆包行为的目的是为了得到汉化组的劳动成果,请不要发送(或发送且达成需求后立即撤回)。若被管理组成员发现违反上述行为的操作且原汉化组明令禁止该行为,将禁言最先发送的人1d。


Project Arcript Official Server Rules

  1. The rules apply to both the Arcript Official Discord Server and QQ Group. The final interpretation right belongs to Misaka Castle Group (the development team of Arcript).
  2. All information that violates laws and regulations is prohibited. Violators will be kicked out of the server/group directly. Leaking personal information of citizens is also within the scope of restriction.
  3. All AD Bots are prohibited. If your account is stolen, you will be muted until you have dealt with the stolen account. If it is found to be intentional, you will be kicked out of the server/group directly. This rule mainly targets AD Bots. If you are recommending visual novel games, tools based on Arcript or for Arcript development, it is not within the scope of restriction.
  4. All 'Flame War' and personal attack are prohibited (including enigmatic actions). Related message(s) will be removed. If the behavior is particularly serious, the sender of the message(s) will also be kicked. If you think the message you are ready to be sent is to irony the other one rather than to solve the problem, then don't click send.
  5. The main topics of the server/group are Arcript-related, VN-game-related and a few of Arcaea-related topics. If the topic is not within the above scope, it is considered irrelevant content. If you interrupt the ongoing discussion of relevant content in the server/group with irrelevant content repeatly, you will be warned. If there is an irrelevant content discussion in the server/group, we encourage you to interrupt with relevant content, but please be careful not to start a flame war (otherwise, it will be handled according to rule #3).
  6. All members in the server/group are equal. The only difference is whether they are members of the management group (Discord Server: moderators; QQ Group: group owner or administrator). It is forbidden to discriminate against others in the server/group due to events in real life or on the Internet. If there is any form of discrimination in the server/group and it has caused a bad influence, the sender will be removed along with the message(s).
  7. If there is a potential dispute in the server/group, please seek help from the management group. If there is any form of quarrel in the server/group, regardless of right or wrong, both parties will be muted until received a proper appeal with apology (in Discord Server) or be muted for 3 days (in QQ Group). Whether or not, if a person in Discord Server broke this rule more than once, s/he will be kicked.
  8. If the translation group of some visual novel (including Galgame) games has tacitly consented or allowed, you can share screenshots of related games in the server/group according to rule #4. But if the original translation group has explicitly prohibited this behavior, please do not do so. Otherwise, the sender will be warned (first time) or be kicked (second time+) (in Discord Server) or be muted for 1 day (in QQ Group).
  9. We DO NOT encourage unpacking games. If the purpose of unpacking is to get the labor results of the translation group, please do not send (or send and immediately withdraw after the request is met). If the operation that violates the above behavior is found by the management group and the original translation group has explicitly prohibited this behavior, the sender will be warned (first time) or be kicked (second time+) (in Discord Server) or be muted for 1 day (in QQ Group).

Thank you for reading this, and wish you a pleasant discussion in the Arcript Official Server/Group!

Last modification:June 7, 2023